Bissime Social Media Tools

Make money online by using your social media pages to advertise.

  • Email your contacts with a link to the marketing website we give you.
  • Full online lead tracking system so you can see at all times what sales you have.
  • Good commission paid on every sale.

You are invited to join as an agent.

Thank you for showing an interest in becoming an agent all you have to do is click the Sign up as an Affiliate button. Fill in the simple information and that's it.

Once done you will receive your own marketing website listing our products that can be use for customers to buy.

  • You will have your own lead tracking system so that you can see at all times your leads and how we are progressing with them.
  • You will also be able to advertise on your Facebook and other social media pages.
  • All adverts are designed for you and our experienced sales team will do all the selling for you.
  • You will be paid a commission on every sale (on some products this is thousands of Euros).
  • If at anytime you wish to stop making money just unsubscribe and all adverts will stop.

So start making money online today!